- Heading accuracy 0.5 degree RMS complying with IMO MSC.116(73) as a THD (Transmitting Heading Device)
- Excellent follow-up rate of 45 degree/s exceeding requirements for high speed craft (20 degree/s)
- Pitch and roll output in both analog and digital formats for ship's motion correction
- Tri-antenna system reduces the effect of pitching, rolling and yawing
- Free from regular maintenance
- Accurate SOG, COG, ROT, and L/L
- High speed heading data output in IEC 61162-2 format (38.4 kbps)
- Output in IEC 61162-1/2 or FURUNO AD-10 formats is available: up to 10 ports in IEC 61162-1/2 or of IEC 61162-1/2 and AD-10 formats
- Individual setting of output sentences and baud rate in each port for flexible interface with external equipment
- Clear 4.5" silver bright LCD
Revolutionary heading sensor with advanced GPS technology
FURUNO's advanced GPS technology ensures highly accurate heading data for AIS, ECDIS, Radar/ARPA, Autopilots and more

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