MF/HF Radiotelephone FS-1575(150 W)/FS-2575 (250 W)/
FS- 5075 (500 W)

The MF/HF Radiotelephone FS-1570/2575/5075 facilitates both general and GMDSS communication.
It can operate as a DSC transceiver and as a DSC Watch Receiver on all distress and safety frequencies in MF and HF bands.
A NBDP modem can be incorporated into the transceiver unit for maritime telex operation and distress message/maritime safety information handling, satisfying the carriage requirements for GMDSS A3-A4 sea areas.
MF/HF radiotelephone with DSC facility
Fully meets GMDSS carriage requirements for SOLAS ships operating in A3 and A4 sea areas
Meets the new ITU recommendation on digital selective calling system for use in the Maritime Mobile Service, ITU-R M.493-13
High-contrast 4.3" bright color LCD (480x272 pixels)
Capable of distress, safety and routine communication
Instant selection of 256 user-specifed channels with a rotary knob or direct keypad input
Quick access to DSC message composition by dedicated keys on the control unit
Quick access to dedicated functions in the menu operation using numeric keypad
Full-duplex kit available (optional supply)

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